Why You Should Choose Bouncy Castles In The Winter

kids playing in bouncy castles

The cold season is here and letting the little ones out to play is a definite no. The winter chill is in town but that will not keep the kids’ desire to play in. with cheap bouncy castles, the kids can still have fun in this weather.

· Perfect fit for the indoors

There are bouncy castles of different shapes and sizes, each of which can fit in a specific space. Whether it is the living room, or play room at home or a hall in school, bouncy castles are a great fit for some indoor fun. The space chosen for hosting the event should, however, have a high ceiling to provide enough room for the bouncy castle to be fully inflated.

· Easy assembly and set up

Setting up cheap bouncy castles for your indoor play date requires quite little in time and resources. With a working power connection, all you need to do is connect the pump and blow up the unit for some great action. You may also require some safety anchorage support to ensure that the kids don’t tip off.

· Great exercise

It is not uncommon to find kids being overly inactive during these cold months. Huddling before a TV screen or spending too many hours in the virtual world playing video games is not exactly healthy for a mind and body that is developing. A little exercise is great for the kids and while you may not be entirely comfortable with the kids running around a field with gusty winds blowing and a little downpour going on, bouncy castles provide a great work out for both kids and adults.

There are only so many cups of coffee you can take a day, yet with some jumping and bouncing action on the play inflatables, you can keep warm and give your mind and body that healthy exercise.

· Better rates

For most jumping castle hire companies, the rates vary seasonally. Business is at its boom during the hot sunny season when everyone is eager to be outdoors. The cold months, in contrast, do not attract as many clients and you can land yourself a great deal at this time. Business owners tend to discount their rates considerably to attract more clients.

If you see the weather a no obstacle and are adamant about having the party outdoors, there are cheap bouncy castles that come in fully enclosed designs engineered to keep out any rain and wind. This may, however, not be the brightest idea, as there strict safety rules and regulation against setting up inflatable units in harsh weather.

Parties and events held in the cold season can just as fun if not more fun that those held during the warmer months. If anything, these are a more readily welcome distraction as everyone tries to keep warm.

Bouncy houses are always a fun addition to any event and the kids absolutely love them. With these many pros to hiring some cheap bouncy castles this winter, indulge yourself and the kids as you try and stay warm together and have some exciting fun while at it.



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