Exciting Game Suggestions For The Kids’ Play Day On Jumping Castles

The possibilities are simply endless when it comes to bouncy- castle fun. So many games to choose from and with young and creative minds at play, the list grows longer every day. Jumping castles are a must on the check-list for any kids’ party. With adult supervision, the following games suggestions will definitely wow the crowd of little ones. Here’s a quick video we found with some games you can play on the bouncy castle.

The Balloon Game

You will need to blow a number of balloons for this game. Kids absolutely love playing with the balloons, chasing them around and of course popping them on the jumping castles. Brace yourself for some loud fun with this one.

Musical Chairs

The bouncing castle variant of musical chairs is popularly known in most quarters as “the bounce-and-freeze” game. The kids will jump around in the castle while the music plays and all will have to stop, when the music stops. Whoever is left bouncing around when the music finally stops loses out and has to leave the jumping castle while the rest continue playing. The last man standing is the ultimate winner, and you can have the kids play as many rounds as they may be up for.

Animal Bounce

In this fun game, the kids get to pretend to be like an animal, moving and bouncing around as that animal, while making the sounds and any other distinctive performance associated with the animal. You’ve heard the expression, as cute as a puppy, right? How about some party time raw amusements with having your cute kid try to match the cuteness of a pup.

For safety, it is always a great idea to have only one kid go at a time, while the rest watch and strategize on how to outshine the performance.


Today, the market is awash with different creative designs of jumping castles including basketball hoops that add more fun to the jumping castles play. You can choose a number of points on the inflatable from which the kids can each try to score on the hoop. Each basket is worth some points and the kid with the most points receives a prize, along with the title of “ mini- league on bouncy castle champion.” Definitely something to brag about over the next few weeks.

Port and Starboard

Even with adults, Port and Starboard is a definite thriller. The kids will have to remember a set of commands and the actions that each command calls for. For example, when you say “port” all the kids will have to run to the side of the castle designated as the port. With “starboard” the kids should to the other end of the castle. Other typical commands in the game include” submarines” when all the kids will be required to lie on the floor, “captain on board’, when all the kids should stand in a file and salute. At “ sharks ahoy” the kids will have to jump around as much as possible. Whoever does not remember the commands is out, until a champion is crowned.

Jumping castle hires are guaranteed to bring fun to the party. With so many benefits to child play, you can try these game suggestions and others for the next bouncy castle play date.



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